I need help adding jQuery code to my website

Hello Webflow Community,

I want to add jQuery code to my webflow website, but I can’t get it running, because I don’t know which classes to change to what and if it even will work that way.
The code should reverse the scroll so that you scroll normally, but the website will go upwards.

That is the website with the jQuery Code:

Thank you for all the tips in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - 100Marketing

And here is the test website: https://100marketing.webflow.io
Sadly it has some bugs on Chrome which I don’t understand as well. Sections are missing that are shown on Safari.

Your read-only link doesn’t work. Can you update it?

Yes, its updated and I also have an update. I archived to implement the code, but unfortunately the code destroys the website and push things all over the place…