I need a webflow freelancer

I have a website of multi reference CMS, and I want to fetch it in next.js (by using headless CMS or copy pasting the exported code or any other way). For further details and discussion will be done in telegram. It’s urgent!

DM me if you can!

[1]: UserName: @SankyEth

Hi @Ron1

We can help you design and develop the website as per your requirements. We have a team of 15+ specialists with over 5 years of experience in website frontend UI design and backend functionality development work utilizing the premium technology listed below for several industries like Real Estate, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Education, Retail, Finance, Automobile, Tours & Travel, etc.

Website design and development:

  • Frontend UI design: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Jquery
  • JavaScript Framework: Vue JS, React JS
  • React JS using
  • Class & Function Components
  • Redux & Saga Frameworks
  • API and web service development: RESTful API with Postman collection

  • Website backend and web-based admin panel functionality development: PHP Laravel MVC Framework, Node JS

  • Database: MySQL, Mongo DB

  • Others: AWS, cloud services, 3rd party API integration like Payment gateway APIs, SMS and Call APIs, WebRTC, GPS location-based APIs, and many more

  • Project Management tools: Jira, Slack, Trello

  • Source Code Management tool: SVN, Github, Gitlab

Let’s DM me here for the details discussion.

You have to fetch the multi reference CMS in next.js by using no code tool (if possible).

Else I guess you have to write the code, you can use headless CMS or like fetching the raw data then export the css styles and paste it in next.js file. The thing is I need minimal amount of code to be written. Is it possible?

Preview Link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/hotel-website-002e29-9a2199f1888360e016?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=dashboard&utm_content=hotel-website-002e29-9a2199f1888360e016&preview=9cd248e82f37135708c2319a769aa337&workflow=preview

In telegram I can share the file and assets.

Hi @Ron1

Let’s connect on $|<y|)e live:.cid.5f7dc058f666db6b

I don’t have skype! do you have other platform?

Can we meet on Microsoft Teams? jigar@dinjaninfotech.com


Hope you are doing well

I can help you out with your requirement. Please let me know how we can connect for the detailed discussion,

Looking forward to hearing from you soon