I have sort of a catch 22

I have never worked with webflow but was asked by a friend to create a website for him. I thought I’ll give Webflow a try.

If we decide to use webflow, I later want to transfer ownership of the site to him. Is that possible?

Ie the flow:

  1. I create an account and a website
  2. He creates an account
  3. I transfer ownership to his account.

So the catch 22 is that I do not know this and hence have not even started haha…

@ecoA Yes you can transfer sites over but the account that the site is on may need to be on a paid workspace plan. Not sure if Webflow has changed that recently where you can transfer on a free workspace account. But, Yes you can transfer a site from one workspace to another workspace account.

Edit* To transfer a site you will just go to the site settings and at the top there will be an icon to transfer it.


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Jeff has it mostly correct, but there are a few important details.


  • Yes you can transfer a site to another workspace; and both workspaces can be on the free plans.
  • The site MUST be on a free plan ( unhosted ) in order to be transferred.
  • This means that to build it out fully, if it has more than 2 pages or exceeds the starter site plan limits in any way, you’ll want a paid workspace to build it. Go for the “freelancer” workspace plan.


  • They will add the site plan and establish hosting. You will probably need to help them with this part of the setup as well.
  • If you want ongoing access to the site to admin it, your friend would need to invite you into their workspace as a guest. They can do that as long as YOUR workspace plan is Freelancer or Agency.
  • You can then access their workspace any time and make changes later without needing their login.
  • If you do not need ongoing access, you can just cancel your own workspace plan after the site has been transferred.

If you’re only building the one site, ever, and they do not have a workspace yet, you might just create their workspace under their email, then they can change the password later. When the site outgrows the free plan limits during the build, you just add a site plan a bit earlier to complete the build, and the workspace plan remains at the free “starter” level.