I have an issue with a website


I don’t know from where this button test mode came, is there anyone who can help me ?

here you can see the button : https://statistx-website.webflow.io/

When i go into the editor it shows : ms-label-test : ( display : block)
i tried to find this, but couldnt find anything… what the hell is that, i dunno how i did this

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1
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It looks like this is coming from the custom code section accessible through the page settings (Page icon > gear icon on Accuiel > Custom Code > “Inside tag”.) Try removing that.


Hi @Copernic00,

As @heycorgi mentioned, this is coming from Accueil > Page Settings > Custom Code > Inside <head> tag:

If you’re adding code into this field, you’ll need to wrap the code in style tags (for CSS) or script tags (for JS). This code is CSS so you’d need to wrap it in style tags like this:

ms-label-test {
  display: block;

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much ! Yes it is !
And thanks for the information about the CSS and JS code, i’ll keep in mind what you’ve said, i was looking on how to integrate css code on webflow, now i got it