I cannot ad a Field label or an Text field inside a Div Block?

When I try to put the “field label” and/or the “text field” in the Div block I receive an error, saying, “Field label can only be placed in a form”! It does not matter what I do (delete, create again and so on) I cannot put the labels/field in the Div block as in the example (Build a resuable contact form — Build a portfolio site in Webflow, Day 4)

Someone have a clue why?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Peter!

Make sure you’re placing your fields within the Form div that is inside of the Form block. If you’re doing that, you shouldn’t be having this issue.

If you would like, please add your read-only link to your post so that I can take a look and try to replicate the issue.

Hi there!
That was a quick and good answer but, Im afraid the result is the same, I can not doing it?! Iam doing exactly (I think!) the same as you say but…

Link here:

As I said, I am trying to do it EXACTLY the way as in the training course and so far I have done it the same way!

Thanks for trying to help a complete Rookie in WebFlow


Can you link the timestamp for the step you’re trying to complete in the video?

Wait… I think I see now what’s happening.

You need to take the Grid element with the div inside it, and then place it within the Form block directly below it.

That should fix your issue! :slight_smile:

YOU ARE an expert then! Ok I will try and let you know… THANKS

If I do it the way I understand it so will the Grid (plus div) pop up above the Secondary Heading but it will not do the trick?! What am I doing wrong?

It does not matter where I move the Grid, “Field label can only be placed in a form”!


Just tested this using your Webflow read-only and it worked perfect for me…

Let me make sure my instruction are clear:

Take the element “Grid” and place it within the element that is directly below it “Form.” Once it is within that element, you should be able to place labels and inputs in it with no problem.

Let me know if this fixes it!

YOU ARE RIGHT!!! I “thought” I did the same but it seems that I did not! I am really appreciate this becuase I have ben sitting here the whole day “trying” and screaming and suddently it poped up a thought, “Is there a forum for rookies”? First, Im thankful, second I wish I could have “invented” the “Gooole-Idea” several days ago… :grin:

No worries Peter! So glad that I was able to help you out.

Let me know if you ever need anything else! :slight_smile:

I have another question you MAYBE can answer. I have paid not only once but twice for the CMS hosting but I had so much problems with the projects (dont ask :innocent:) that I deleted the projects BUT i didnt know that I also canceled the subscription and therefore was downgraded to free again. So, when starting to create pages number 3 I receive the message saying, “You are using the free version… must upgrade”! I can see under my Account history that I have been charged two times in 9 days. When trying to contact WebFlow support there is only a Robot and I couldnt find any telephone number or email… What can I do? Do I have to pay a third time to be able to use the program totally?
I am really, REALLY frustrated now…
Cheers Peter