I Built a No Code Reverse Proxy for Webflow

Hey Wonderful Webflowers :wave:

Thought I would share with the community a personal project of mine.

It’s called Subfold and it’s a no code tool for easily hosting Webflow sites on subfolders.

If you want to check it out, I’ve created a quick tutorial called How to Setup a Reverse Proxy for Webflow which explains how it works.

It also works with other popular platforms like Wordpress, Ghost, Squarespace, Bubble allowing you to host multiple platforms on one domain name.

I’ve worked with a bunch of companies that have needed to solve the problem of “how do we easily host our Webflow marketing site and our blog on the same domain name without using subdomains?”. This was always for the SEO benefits of having all content under one authoritative domain.

The common way to solve this problem is to use a reverse proxy web server like Nginx, Apache or even Cloudflare Workers.

The down side to this approach is that you have to have a good technical understanding of how to configure these services with code and then often you’ll need to self-host the proxy server which requires ongoing maintenance.

I thought it was a real shame that this was the case for a No Code platform like Webflow which makes it easy to achieve pretty much everything else without self-hosting and writing code.

Hopefully someone here finds it helpful!

If you have any SEO-related questions or questions about the product, feel free to leave a comment.

Peace :v:

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Hi Jesse, can you please refer to some alternate options since you shut this down. Very much need this.

@chickencoder I would’ve loved to see the solution, please update this thread if you re-pubilsh. I use an NGINX reverse proxy for our SaaS app and it works great once you’ve managed to get it all configured properly. I’m always interested in new approaches, though.

Hi Jai,

Subfold is actually back! We launched again just a few days ago, with a new managed service.

The only other options available are…

  • Paying for a Webflow Enterprise plan
  • Setting up a custom reverse proxy with Cloudflare Workers or NGINX

I’m going to be writing some blog posts about the second option, so stay tuned!


Hey Jesse, I notice that Webflow treats the .well-known folder specially, which suggests it’s needed for certain features ( SSL certs perhaps? ).

Does Subfold handle files individually, such that e.g. /.well-known/apple-app-site-association could be served via Subfold, but other /.well-known/* requests would pass through to Webflow’s servers successfully?

Hey Michael,

Yes, Subfold is able to do this exact thing. We can route URLs not only based on their folder or parent folder but at an individual URL level meaning we can override some .well-known paths whilst leaving others to Webflow.

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Hi Jesse, am I correct in my thinking that the reverse proxy uses the webflow.io domain to load the project and in theory I could have an unhosted website in my Agency workspace and use reverse proxy to add a domain without a hosting plan?

Hey Dmitry, while that’s technically possible it would certainly be in direct violation of Webflow’s ToS.

For any site you’re presenting to the public with a custom domain, you would want to be proxying the paid-hosting version of the site.

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Hey Jesse,

Our your servies available for hire to set up a reverse proxy?

I have some webflow page designs I want to implement on my Wordpress site, but only specific pages are designed in webflow.