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I am not able to access

I am not able to access these tools, I am paid customer.

Hi @AndersonBRAZIL, thanks for your message. Are you not able to login, or how can you not access ? That link you shared is to a published site. If you can provide some additional details of your issue, I am happy to help. You can also send a support request to, in the case you are having problems or issues accessing the designer or your sites. I look forward to your reply. Cheers, Dave

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I think it’s @vincent who should re-paste his public code to this sample ;) We get Access Denied while trying to get into that public link on top-right corner ;)

Oh, and @AndersonBRAZIL, you might want to look for this focus state when you hit the button in designer ;)

Thanks my friend, I wasnt aware of this. I update the link right now, however you can get it from my designer profile too! Yeepee follow me (:

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Thanks for pointing that out :wink: Great that you’ll fix it! @AndersonBRAZIL is this what you wanted?

follow me too!

@bartekkustra could you please go to my profile, to the page of my sandbox, and see if there is a link the GRAB the entire site… I’ve set it to be possible in the settings, I understand people should now be able to entirely transfer the site to their dashboard, but I’m confuse, I don’t know if it works…

I’m talking about the cloning option :

Works :wink:

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Ok, to access the editable area.

Thank you so much!

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Oh great, lovely purple button (: