Hyperlinks being able to have global settings

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Could you please help - Do you know if there is or whether Webflow working on having global settings for hyperlinked text? Their default setting should be to open a new tab; however, their current default redirects you to the current tab. This is super painful to have to do manually, especially with some of our blogs having so many hyperlinks.

The approach that I use is a script that looks for off-domain links, and sets them to target=_blank. Much easier than setting each link individually, especially if you have clients writing blog / product content.

I’m traveling now, but if you do not find a solution yourself for this, direct message me late next week and I can send you the solution I use.

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The code below is what I’ve used in the past:

// Fix external links
let siteLinks = document.links;

for (let i = 0; i < siteLinks.length; i++) {
  if (siteLinks[i].hostname !== window.location.hostname) {
    siteLinks[i].target = "_blank";

Just add this before the closing body tag in your Project Settings and all of your external links will automatically open up in a new window :+1:

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