Hyperlink Malfunction on Navigation Brand Logo

My brand logo is hyperlinked to the homepage, yet when I test it out live it directs to the Contact Page. How do I fix this error?

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/wright-pawn-and-jewelry-co?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=dashboard&utm_content=wright-pawn-and-jewelry-co&preview=5bf5d2bd52e66ca57ee96a8230ca212f&mode=preview

Hello @misslizaface,

Your logo is under the contact link, the cursor will always “link” to the contact page because that is what is selecting. I would suggest to bring your logo down so that the contact link is not selected when the logo is hovered. Now, I know that would change your layout, but you cant have two links on top of each other.

Going off of what Pablo is saying, it appears that your Brand Logo is set to Position Absolute.

This is causing it to appear behind your Nav Menu div. If you were to change it to relative it would appear to the left of the menu therefore separating the two links.

If I change to relative, it’s no longer centered. Any solution to that?

Im on mobile now so I can’t test this but I was playing with the menu button on the top right and noticed it made the menu appear and disappear so try this.

  1. Set the brand logo to Absolute as it was.

  2. Select the Nav Menu div and hide it.

I believe the animation set up on the menu button hides it/unhides it.

Again, on mobile now so I can’t test it so let me know how it goes.


Just tested this and it works fine.

The menu button in the top right hides/unhides the actual menu and brand.

  1. Set “Brand” to Absolute position.
  2. Hide the Nav Menu div.