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Https domain redirection not working

Hello everyone !

I have problem with the connection between my domain and my webflow website. When I try to go to brothers say that my webflow website is not secure.

Webflow configuration :

Domain provider configuration :

I watch differents topics and pages and I think what was asked and I didn’t find the issue.
But maybe its a little mistake from me…

Thanks for yours answears,
Have a great day !

Benoît Morand

You are missing the SSL proxy. I think it must be a CNAME.
The are good instructionsin the forum

Thank’s for your answear.

Sorry for the mistake, i didn’t put the CNAME DNS value.

But I still can not connect to the website.
There isn’t any propagation of my CNAME but I think that I creat it poperly.

Have you read this

Thank you for your answear.

Yes I read all that several time and I really think that I did everythink.

Sometime the DNS need some time to update all records. Give it a little time If not i will do some Screen shots of My DNS servers. Let me know If you need me to do that

One more question have you cleared yor cash in the browser?

Hello !

With your help and some call to my registrar I succede to manage the problem.
It was because I had differents TXT value for www sub domain in my DNS.
And when I delete the TXT value its work poperly.
And I had also to clear the cash brother.

Thanks and have a great day !