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HTML Entity β with Droid Sans

I need to use the β character in a text link. I have tried…

  • Copy/paste the character
  • Typing in β

In both cases, it does not display β, but instead just the B. I’m using Droid Sans.

Any ideas? How can I get the character β to display correctly?

try copying and pasting this into your text.


Thank you for the suggestion. It still just showed B.

Can you post a share link to your designer?

The code works for me even when I use Droid Sans.So I am curious to see what is going on in the designer.

Share Link:

Find the link in question in the bottom right content box, the list of six publications. Specifically: β-Hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB)

UPDATE: I have tried changing that font to Arial and Times New Roman. I’ve tested it in the most current version of Firefox and Chrome. I still haven’t been able to see the small beta.

Hey @sarahc

So what is happening is that you have set your text to appear in all caps in the advanced typography section of the design panel.

So you are getting the capitalized version of the symbol. Both codes work as expected with capitalization turned off.
I suspect you want to have both the caps and the beta to look right. So I would suggest wrapping your beta symbol in a span and giving it a class of “no-caps” and setting the text transformation to lowercase.

Hope this helps.


Nailed it! Thank you very much, @AlexN!

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