Html embed not respecting parent div sizing!

Earlier today this code was working flawlessly. It filled the embed space and respected the sizing of DIV 17. Then I went in to try and add some functionality where a play button displayed when the video playback stopped. It didn’t work and created the issue i’m seeing now where the video is extremely large, right justified and the mute button as well is all pushed to the right.

I have been working on this video player for longer then i care to admit so i was beyond stoked when i was working this morning. once the new code broke the video player i said eff it not worth the struggle and reverted back to the EXACT. SAME. CODE that was working moments before. Now despite it being the EXACT. SAME. CODE. I promise you it’s the same, I even used ChatGPT to compare the two to be extra sure. it’s NOT WORKING and is still showing me this completely too large right justified video that doesn’t seem to respect any sizing parameters i put on the video div itself inside the code, the html block, or div 17 nothing seems to affect the issue with the video loooking how it does.

I just cannot even begin to try and figured this out because like i said it was working perfectly and nothing has changed. nothing. the code is identical to the working version.

i am so defeated. please help. or tell me this is a bug and i’m not insane

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Replying to add I tried the code on another landing page i am working that i need to have the same video player working on it’s also not respecting sizing but in a completely different way… I am so lost.