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How would you make a multiple page blog?

I’m looking at recreating a blog structure like this one below, i’m just not sure how you would make a blog run over multiple pages? So if you have 6 blog items on a page and you have 30 blog items…how would you structure it so that it creates new pages when it gets more than 6 per page?

The element at the bottom of your page is frequently called a “pager”. Webflow CMS doesn’t have pager at the moment but it’s a safe guess that it will come one day.

At the moment you can maybe do it manually, with several list pages. You put a dynamic list on each and you filter it. The first one will be filtered with “display 6 elements starting at 1”, the second page will get “display 6 items starting at 7” and so on. Your posts will always be classified well and you’ll have to add a new page every 6 posts. The pager element should be a Symbol so it’s always up to date everywhere when you add a page.