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How would you create this cool parallax effect?

I was trolling the internet and landed on this website for a law office local to me:

In the fourth section, where the lawyer is posing with her dog, there is a slick effect where a transparent maroonish bar moves behind the dog with a series of accolades / organizations.

Out of curiosity, how would you approach re-creating this in Webflow?

I was thinking about using a section with a background image, an additional image in div block with a higher z-index to sit in front, and div block with background color with a lower z-index value to hold accolades. That said, I’m struggling mentally with how to make the colored bar move smoothly while scrolling.

Finally, would you consider this a parallax effect? Or something else?


Hello, @rebeccajg

There are different styles of Parallax possible with Webflow. Here is a link to the tutorial:



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