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How would I place a video - Not Vimeo, Youtube, ETC. Into a Dynamic List Item

How can I add a video into a Dynamic List that isn’t on a familiar website like youtube? When I try to make a form to enter the video I receive the current error “Invalid URL” even though my browser will open this video without any issues.

Any help would be appreciated.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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There are quite a lot of video options you can use. This is the script that Webflow uses for embeds:

Certainly you can find one that suits your needs.

Hey @samliew- the only issue we are having is the video is on a secure website. When I tried to copy the video’s URL the CMS system came up telling me it was not a correct URL.

I would like the ability to be able to post Embeded videos in a dynamic list CMS form? Is this possible?

Yes, you can use your own custom code to insert a video element, and insert the video link in the right attribute.

@samliew - But can a user do it on the CMS side… when they are filling out the Dynamic list form?

Get what I mean?

No, the editor will not be able to insert custom code. What they can do is set a text field in the item to a URL of the externally hosted video.

It’s your job as the designer then to find a suitable 3rd party script or plugin to load and play the video on the site.

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