How transforming a slider into a javascript one


I have tried to customized a slider with no-code as I don’t know yet how to use javascript.
Unfortunately, I am struggling for the responsivity of my website.
I would like to make this custom CMS “slider” into a javascript code in order to control size and the “grab” on mobilde devices.
Anyone would know how to achieve to the same design?

Hey Simon your best bet for an easy-to-use custom slider is probably swiperjs.

You will need some JS, for configuration, but very little, and it is well documented.

If you’re trying to do more advanced things here, or get completely stuck, DM me with the details of what you’re trying to do and I’ll send you a time estimate. But if you’re persistent, you should be able to crack out a suitable implementation with no real coding experience.

Thank you Memetican, I will try to figure that out…