How to use the Integration

Has anybody used this Setka CMS Integration? If so, any advice on how to implement would be appreciated. It’s relatively new so can’t find out much about it in practice. Reached out to Webflow but it’s treated as a 3rd party integration (via Zapier) so they don’t advise. Looks like it could be helpful to fast track content design so interested in trying it. But no idea if it could cause problems with website (not built yet so can’t provide link). Also it’s pricey so trying to figure out if it has truly unique functionality - or if I could achieve same thing by building templates or using symbols in Webflow (just take a lot longer). Thanks for your help

I have not used that integration solution but would you like to describe more detail what you need?


I’m trying to find the easiest way to design and produce beautiful interactive longform content that is distinct from a blog and forms part of a thought leadership content hub.

This may include articles / white papers / field guides / case studies. Examples below:

Ideally I’d like to be able to create and use repeatable components or if not templates so that I can produce a body of work quickly. And at times include micro animations and interactive elements like personality quiz, calculator, survey, voting, q&a (which I could embed from another app). I’d also like to be able to analyse readership/viewing and probably gate some content. And host on a collection page that looks a bit different to rest of site.

So I know Webflow has good CMS and web page building functionality and micro interactions etc. What I don’t know is how easy it is to create this kind of content hub and long form templates? If it is doable (with some upfront work and integrations) and preferable that would be great to know.

But in the meantime (back to my original question) I’ve looked at to help - and I’m trying to figure out if it will work ok with Webflow. From their documentation there is a Webflow integration process (via Zapier) and once created it’s basically an html code export from their content creation tool to a Webflow CMS collection.

I’ve also looked at other (headless CMS?) apps like Shorthand, Vev, Storyblok to produce this content and then just host on my Webflow account via subdomain as I want it to drive SEO for me. But not sure if easier or just another app for the stack!