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How to use PHP code in Webflow

Semi-related question, since webflow is allowing PHP code starting 2/12/17, would I be able to add PHP directly in the embed component to make this form fully functional in a webflow hosted environment? or would i still have to export and add PHP?

see above links for the mentioned form and test page.

Source? I’ve not heard of this anywhere.

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I guess I misintepreted the “hands off custom code”??

“the custom code feature was built to give you more flexibility, and in some cases, our cleanup ended up being more of a limitation, preventing users from employing certain PHP scripts, or templating frameworks like Moustache or Handlebars.”

Hi @erezaie,

the custom code update that will happen the 12th February will only be limited to the removal of the “clean up” we were doing before, but no new features will be added.

The PHP scripts mention in the announcement applies to cases where the code is exported and used in a different hosted environment. Right now, having PHP scripts that run on sites hosted in Webflow is not supported.

I see how the announcement was ambiguous, I hope this helps clarifying it but please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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Thanks for the clarification, forcing me to export is a great way to boost revenue, :slight_smile: only joking thanks javi!