How to use latitude and longitude on Google Maps, instead of street address?

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I am currently building a page for a client. Unfortunately, the address is not available on Google Maps (it always shows a near street address). I think this is a fault on Google Maps since the address is simply not registered yet, since it is in a very remote area.

Now I would like to just use a pin to show the correct location. I tried the custom code if a similar topic that was created years ago that used latitude and longitude. Since I am no programmer I do not know how to make it work.

If there is anyone that can help me put in the coordinates to make a pin show in the correct location on the map I would be very happy.

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PS: the correct coordinates are: 45.36796720496667, 13.700929171782343

Here is my site Read-Only:

You can use the Google Maps JavaScript API with an embed.

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Thank you for providing me with that Link. I was able to use an embed element. For everyone not familiar with what you have to paste into the embed element: you simply copy on the google page where it says “All” right next to “Html” “Css” and Js". So you basically have to just past all the code into an embed element and replace the YOUR_API_KEY with your own Api key and change the latitude and longitude to whatever coordinates you wish to have.

If you want to have a location pin as well, on the left of the google tutorial page it says “Adding a marker to your map”. You basically do the same steps here where you copy the Code from “All” and replace it with your values. Hope that helps future webflowers.