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How to use data-attributes to set input value wtih javascript

I want to give buttons a data-attribute. Then I want to set the input value through javascript.

Basically if someone clicks on one of five buttons (starter,bronze,silver,gold,platin) he gets to the contact form with the value (s,b,s,g,p) already in the form (input value).

I’ve searched a lot on stack overflow and there is a lot. But I couldn’t quite put 1 and 1 together, probably it’s just me.

Any help greatly appreciated. Stay safe.

Here is my public share link:

bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope someone can point me in the right direction

To solve this would take a 2 step approach as your packages and contact pages are separate. So first step is that when someone clicks one of the buttons on the packages page, to route them to the contact page with an attribute in the url. So something like /contact?package=s.

So instead of this:


Do this:

Then once the user lands on the contact page, you need a script to check if the URL has any query parameters set. If it detects that there is a value for packages, e.g /contact?packages=s, then to set the value for the packages field in the form. You will need to modify the sample script below to suit your exact use case but in any case it should give you a good idea of how to do this. You would put this script into the body code of the contact page.

// Check the URL for the "package" parameter
const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(;
const package = urlParams.get('package');

// If this exists then set the field value
if (package) {
    // Make a reference to the package dropdown field in the form
    const packageField = document.getElementById('package-field');

    // Set the value of the dropdown
    switch (package) {
        case 's1':
            packageField.value = 's1';
        case 'b':
            packageField.value = 'b';
        case 's2':
            packageField.value = 's2';
        case 'g':
            packageField.value = 'g';
        case 'p':
            packageField.value = 'p';
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Thank you so much, Jason! You made my day.

Can I get you a coffee or something? :smiley:


Hah no worries. Bit hard to send coffee to New Zealand so I will accept your virtual thanks instead. Glad to help!

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Hey Jason! I finally had time to implement it but sadly it isn’t working as of now.


I did that to all buttons. ( starter, bronze, silver, gold, platinum )

I changed the ID of the dropdown field to “package-field” to match with the getElementsbyID()

Also all values of the dropdown options is identical to the packageField.value = “XY”;

I also tried to put in into the head code but that didn’t work either.
The only thing I added - instead of editing - is the last tag because the site wouldnt load at all if it wasn’t :smiley:


Hi can you post the link to the published site?

From what I can see, the issue is that this code is executed before the form exists on the page. You have the code in a code embed element above the form itself.

I would move the code snippet to the footer code section of the contact page itself. I just tested this and it works fine. Your script itself is working.

Works like a charm! Learned something new :smiley: Thank you - AGAIN! :smiley:

Hey @jasondark and @Tim_Leon_Cruse, great team work! I was looking for this exact functionality for one of my projects. Would it be possible to post the full custom javascript in the forum?

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