How to use a Webflow form for Mailchimp signups with groups

Hey @jasondark ! Just wanted to say thank you, this worked flawlessly. For those that it didn’t work, I ran into a few hiccups that you can double-check if yours isn’t working:

  1. Make sure that you copy and paste the name properties of the groups into the checkbox name WITH the brackets. Webflow automatically took them off a few times.

  2. Make sure to replace the form action URL with your own URL. If you don’t, it will sign the user up for ALL groups

  3. If you have multiple forms on your site, make sure that the name fields don’t have a “-#” added to the end of them.

Hope this may help some others. Thanks again Jason

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Super neat!! Thank you :smiley:

Thank you so much @jasondark , this seems to be working perfect!

At first I was having some trouble. Even after following all of your steps, the user would be added to all of the groups.
The issue seemed to be the Form settings that I used after following the Webflow University video. If you’re using this script, you can set the form settings to the default values as seen below!

Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 15.02.00

Everything is working great, but something stops the Send form submissions to: my email

Any ideas?

Thank you so much for this Peter! Worked a treat. No-code solution!!!