How to update multi-select CMS value with "checked" checkboxes in a form submission?

Has anyone figured out how to submit a form with CMS-field checkboxes and then save the selected fields as a multi-reference field to a separate CMS collection?

In my user onboarding, the user can select category preferences, and I have Categories saved as a CMS collection. I want to save whatever the user selects to their entry in the Member CMS collection, and figure that the best way to do this is via one Categories multi-select field. Ideally, I’d like to do this simply using custom code, Webflow, and Zapier. If need be, I can use Airtable as an interim step.

Here is a screenshot to help visualize what I’m trying to do. Where I’m running into trouble is filtering the form submission for checked categories only and then concatenating those results into something I can submit back to Webflow. From other work I’ve done, I believe I need to reach a format where each category’s Item ID is within quotes and comma separated.

Here is the current data I’m getting from Webflow into Zapier. As you can see, I have all the elements necessary. Now it’s about filtering out unchecked boxes and then concatenating and formatting to submit back to Webflow.

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Hi! We’re trying to do the exact same thing, same solution approach. @Alex_Avery - we’d love to know if you find a solution. And if we figure it out, we’ll post our solution here. We are also filing a support ticket.

@kristen I ended up using a dedicated column with an IF statement in Airtable to filter for TRUE statements, then sent that info back to the Webflow CMS. I was already wanting to send this info to Airtable anyways, so ended up working well for my use case.