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How to sort 2 column Collection list items horizontally

I’ve been struggling to achieve the following: My desktop view has a three column layout. The two columns on the left contain one collection list. Unfortunately the sorting order (according to date) is not from left to right but goes down column 1 first, then continues at the top of the second column, going down again:

Is there any way to make thew new posts appear on top with this layout? So 17 March top left, then 23 February top right?

Here is my site’s Read-Only Link. The page is called “Aktuelles”.

Thats because you have that collection list set to go horizontally which will always load top to bottom. What you want to do is remove all the styling and then change it to 2 columns.

Thank you for your advice! May I ask for you to elaborate a little bit, though?

Remove all the styling from which elements?
Change where exactly to 2 columns?

Much appreciated!

Well I’m not really sure whats going on with your layout. There seems to be all kinds of extra collection lists with symbols. It’s a bit hard to understand whats going on and what you were trying to do. But heres how you would normally adjust a collection list from vertical to horizontal.


Change the Layout to two columns.

This gives an error in Webflow that 2 columns + grid does not work together