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How to show states from drop-down form based on country chosen. Also, freebie within! Countries and states lists!

Hi Everyone, here is a video that explains the question below.

Also, I’d love to help the community with the “states” and “countries” tables as freebies. If someone can suggest where the best place is upload these so other WebFlow users can make use of them that’s greatly appreciated!



Here is my public share link: LINK
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Well apart from allowing a site—with collections already set—to be duplicated, there’s no way to do that for the moment. I recently had to manually enter all the countries in a form and… that was painful :smiley:
We’re all waiting for Webflow tio allow us to import CSV into collections and forms (at least for forms some readymade lists such as countries etc…) It just makes sense that this will come one day.

Numerous sites are sharing those datas, but if you want to share your XLS, maybe put them on Dropbox and generate a sharing link from there, update your post. Thanks for sharing anyway :smile:

Ok as for the questions:

  1. get all the datas to WF form: as for now, manually. Yes, I know that’s painful. Howerver, @cyberdave and myself have successfully use the Keyboard Maestro app to automate the process… by using capture scripts. Basically you record your mouse movements and clicks and you figure a way to import all the content by looping a simple interaction. For your example of countries I’d duplicate the table, then click, copy, delete row (so that when we loop it will click on the next row, getting the next entry), go to browser, click where you need to, paste… and loop all of this.

Using keyboard Maestro is quite dirty and temporary until Webflow come up with an official, standard solution. Although it’s quite fun to see a script running that way :slight_smile:

  1. get the states list from the country: using solely Webflow, that is not possible yet. You’ll need a 3rd party form to achieve that for the moment.

Thanks, here is a link to countries:

And states:

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