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How to show on the current page a line under the menu-item?


I have an animation going in my navbar when u are hovering, that there will be a yellow line appearing underneath it.
BUT I can’t seem to make it happen when I am on the current page that the yellow line STAYS visible and underneath the nav-item.

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Anyone know a solution?

PS: It seems when you are opening my link above, you have to click on a nav-item first before the animations are starting to work. If anyone also knows why that is, would be very helpful :slight_smile:

I can’t see exactly what happen as in preview mode current page doesn’t have underline (to stay). But, IMHO it is a standard visual behaviour to let visitor know what page is currently on. I do not thing that is necessary to run animation on in :focus element. If you have to have it you should create another animation for this situation. But again, its not standard approach