How to set default tab?

webflow site already exported to raw code and I notice the default tab is not the first tab (or the one I wish to have as default). Can anyone offer a simple solution to keep the first tab the default tab when the page loads?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The tab that you left activated when you publish—and I assume, when you export—will be the default tab, opened at page load.

Is that helping you? If you’re looking to make the change in your already exported code, then exoprt your site again twice with a different default tab and see what changes in the code.

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But where is this information declared in the exported code? i.e. in the actual tab area or within the etc?
My site is now split up and integrated into a CMS. If I knew which snippet of code to replace from republishing my site with the correct tab, I’ll do that.

I think I have it working by adding in the w–current class to tabbed link that I want as default.