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How to scale an image while page is scrolling

Hi! I want to rotate and scale the logo from one page to another. I cant scale my logo though for some reason. This is my Read-Only link :

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Can you explain in some more detail what you want to achieve?
The main logo should be rotated and scaled on all pages but the home page?

@RDaneelOliwav i’ll send you an example… I want to achieve something like that

i only want the logo to rotate and scale in the first and second page


Have you had a look at the video tutorials?
They have two tutorials that kind of set these things up!

Let me know if this helped a bit!

@RDaneelOliwav thank you so much … i’m gonna give it a try and I’ll let you know :blush:

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@RDaneelOliwav Hi again. I wanted to ask you how we can scroll an image from on section to another… or thats not possible ?

If you mean scaling an image (like the house in your example) you can set an “continuous scrolling” interaction on the image or its container and give it two keyframes, one for the default size and one for the maximum size before it exits the viewport. Also give it an origin point in the transform options, so it scales from the correct side :slight_smile:


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@RDaneelOliwav no I meant the logo… that started rotating and fade out and then it appeared again in the second page … or do i have to make a second one in the second page ?

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Yes! Just add the img to the next section too, if you have different styles, give it a new class or make it a combo-class.

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thank you :blush: !!

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Feel free to inquire further, if you feel like having external input :webflow_heart:

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@RDaneelOliwav sorry for bothering you again… I have an issue with the interactions on the first page… the second works just fine…but when i preview it everything seems fine in the interaction on the fisrt page… but when i publish it something happens… any idea? im sending again the read-only link