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How to resize image in each dynamic content block?

Hello guys,

I am creating my own portfolio site and used the dynamic list element to show my work. I don’t know if the layering of elements is wrong or any options i selected is wrong but you can see from the website that the images in each block is way too big. How do I fix this so that I can scale the images down?

Thank you guys so much!!
Appreciate all the help!

Here is my public share link:
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Hi, @jessicafanfan.

Could you show us some examples or screenshots how exactly you want it to look?


hello, thanks for replying!!
I want it to look like this(see image)minus the text. You can see the full image in each block.

Then you need the image element inside the link, not a background image. Also, if you will not set link height in px and leave it as auto it will automatically take the image height

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Hi Anna,
Thanks for your help!! I just have one more question, how do you get all the images to have the same height as each row? eventhough each image have different dimensions?

Thanks a lot!

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