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How to remove gap between images in a collection?

How can I get ride of this space between images in a collection?

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hi @Nooshin_Behyan you can’t style data visual feedback in database as database contain only data. All styling is done on front-end by CSS. This mean once you will show your images on page you will apply CSS to style images the way you need.

Might want to use a margin of negative 4 ish on the journey map image… But I’m curious as to why you are using images instead of the grid tool? If you need someone to build this more optimally for you I’m available. The benefits are responsiveness and SEO. I love the app idea too by the way. I had a similar idea but for road trips and using audio tours.

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hello @Stan but It doesn’t let me to apply margins.

hi @Nooshin_Behyan I cant replicate your issue.