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How to put a code on the button?

Greetings Webflow coder!

I’m using Bablic for translating my website, and I plan to integrate the button on Nav bar.
So I read their tutorial here:

Short explanation, the staff said this:

Simply create a button and link it to bablic.redirectTo(‘XX’);
Replace XX with the desired language code

I created button, and put that link on the button, but wait which option should I choose?


I tried to put that on the URL, webflow add http:// into the code and it doesn’t work.
Where should I put that code on button?

Thank you!

Actually the text you put in box Url: is not follow a link format. So, you have to use correct link format in this case.

Thank you for your reply @johnmn
Can you explain more about correct link format

Put a backtick charcter before your link

Like this:


So that Webflow doesn’t add http://

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There are many occasions where you need code instead of proper links set on links. In those cases, use the backtick character.

Yes it works!
thank you vincent! :star_struck: