How to play background video with sound?

because at 3am, 5% volume may as well be an earthquake.


Here’s a good article as to why autoplay isn’t recommended, I’m not sure how much your ranking is affected if you don’t align with WCAG 2.0, but custom code is the way forward if you do decide to implement it.

Great feedback, thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I am well aware of the reasons (worked in IT for over 30 years) - BUT it does not mean I have to agree with the reasons. It should not be a “all or nothing” option - if (and I do) I create websites for bands/musicians/artists then it is clear to presume that said site WILL contain music - if the visitor searches for a topic that is related to sound then they would expect to hear sound. As a developer of such websites then it should be easy for me to be able to add such features without being restricted in this way.
You may agree with this approach - I don’t


Hey @ArnoldDelaCruz , can you please add me as a watcher? I cant see the post and I need to play audio on a background video for a band website that I am designing!

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Hey @ArnoldDelaCruz , could you please add me as a watcher? would love to know how it’s done.
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Hi. Can you please add me as a watcher? I’m desperately trying to figure out how to play sound on my background video.


Trying to figure out how to play sound on my background video.pls Help

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webflow should allow sound in background video. it will be improve their user experience. I had troubles related background video also like you.

Hi all this note is for any one who will now or in future looking for solution.

I will start with a bit of basic toughts what background video is. The background video should truly act like background and not require the website visitor to do anything with it. The video is simply there, setting the tone and/or mood of website.

While you’re thinking about the right video for autoplay on repeat, you’ll need to decide if it makes more sense for the sound to automatically be on, or off. Consider the video itself. You don’t want it to be distracting, so, in almost all cases, it’s best to keep the sound off. If sound can truly add something to the website page, then allow the website visitor to choose sound or no sound.

Allowing is an is important word as auto-sound on background video is a good way to lose visitors. In fact any browsers strictly disallow play sound automatically including auto-played video. This restriction was introduced in Chrome 66 and since then it is as DEFAULT setting followed by other browsers.

To play ANY sound on website REQUIRE USER INTERACTION that includes video sound. This mean that to play sound on autoplayed video you have to introduce button that user can click if is they would like to hear it.

That said you can find on internet some custom code how to hack it but Google AI is cleaver enough to find and understand what page is trying to do and it will most probably rank your page down. If this is your aim for yours or your clients websites you are welcome to do that.

These only some sources to read but feel free to find one you will understand easily

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