How to play background video with sound?

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When someone visits a website and a video plays automatically, it usually catches them by surprise. Now imagine how much worse if the sound also automatically came on, especially if you’re browsing on your phone in a quiet public place.

If someone clicks on a link and actually expects a video, then they may easily click to unmute the sound. If someone clicks on a link who doesn’t expect a video, it may be difficult to locate where the sound is coming from and mute because they did not expect it.

The reason most people install ad blockers is to remove unwanted sounds that automatically come on when a page loads. It’s bad enough that they are greeted with ads, now imagine ads with sounds.

By removing automatic sounds, there is much less incentive for people to install ad blockers. This way, ads can still reach their audience and websites can make money and stay in business.

In most countries, mobile phones have limited data plans, and people get charged extra money for exceeding their data usage. It is a waste of data (and money) to load unwanted audio. Mobile phone signal bandwidth is also a limited resource, especially in crowded locations where there is a high density of people using their phones at the same time, and connecting to the same cell towers (for example, in a sports arena for convention center).

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Can we load the video and of course mute the audio .
…and then subsequently have an auto play audio file for background playing audio related to the video.
This implies stripping out the audio from the video.

Then load a audio switch to off for convenience?

Read my comment above where I explain all in short and read article from there 3 links I have posted dive deep into this.

In short : Audio needs user interaction this men some button to play and stop or mute and unmute audio. All background videos have audio stripped out.

Hi Alan, may you please let me know how to do this (having in mind I am designer, and did not use a custom code before on a webflow). I have an issue of playing sound in a video…
and because of NDA reasons, I am not able to embed it from other platforms such as vimeo or youtube…