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How to play background music?

i am building a wedding site, and wanna play a nice background songs. how to?

Familiar with HTML5 Audio formats? If not read this, it breaks it down easily enough.

Not a webflow option yet as far as I know though. Cheers.

Hi there,

I am building a website for a day spa and would like to have some relaxing audio playing when the site opens, with the option to turn it off.

Has anybody been able to achieve this in Webflow as yet?


Hi, just a comment, we do not have an Audio widget in Webflow yet, however some people have had success using Soundcloud embedded to their site using an Embed widget and pasting in the Soundcloud embed code. Soundcloud is a separate service than Webflow.

You can also read more about manual html that you can add to play html5 video at the following link:

Basically, if you create your own html for this, you need to also use an Embed and paste in some html that you might use. If you do not use a sound file hosting service like Soundcloud, you would also need some online storage that has a public url that you can link to, for the sound files.

I hope this points you in a couple of possible avenues to explore for your site and your particular site requirements.


from a user experience point of view, be careful with auto playing background audio. When users go to a website they aren’t familiar with and immediately hear background audio, it may scare them and make them want to leave your website. You will never know if your user has their volume turned up to max by accident or already has other music playing on their computer or in their room.

Real life example: Imagine you’re walking up to a door. All you see is a logo on it. You open it and BLAAAAM!!! A loud sound or song start playing.