How to paste code into Webflow, is this possible?

Hello, I need to reproduce a landing page from a site. I wanted to know can we copy the source code of the page and paste it directly into webflow all the code so we don’t have to redo the page with the sections, div and everything? Can we directly just copy and paste the code? It would be simpler for me as I would just have to change the texts and images. Or can you copy and paste the code directly from a section, chatGPT tells me that this is possible. But when I can’t figure out how to do it with his explanations. How to do it please? Thank you in advance for your answer

CHATGPT hallucinates some times. You can only paste code into an embed element, the head and footer of your site, or the head and footer of a page or CMS template. Not a whole page.

So that leaves you to redesigning in Webflow using the designer only.