How to overlap two section and manage the show/hide of them from different buttons?

Hi everyone! I need help with an animation that is freaking me out :exploding_head: I’ve two sections which I overlapped with position(absolute) for the first and position(relative) for the second. At this point, I’ve 2 buttons to recall the underneath section or the other. These 2 buttons are copied up and down in the same place. With button A (up) I would hide the upper section and show the underneath, while with button B (down) I would show the hided section and come back to the default vision.

The problem is that the upper section disappears with the first click but does not come back with the second.

Anyone can help me?

Ps. the sections in question are:

  1. come funziona hug per le aziende
  2. come funziona hug per idipendenti

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Hug