How to navbar stay on the top when scrolling?

Hi guys, I need this website on navbar stay on the topo when scrolling down,

how I can do it?

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Thank you so much for helping, but I saw this tutorial and I tried, but not fixed

Please share a read only link

here is

Apply the Sticky Position to Header as in the image below and it will work fine.

NOTE: Apply the changes on the base breakpoint and it will work for every every breakpoint.

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I appreciate you, thank you so much for fixing. I got it and so happy, one problem have also, can you help me also ?

I changed that type this image, and want carousel type changing image, I thing 3 or 4 image change,
But when I saw on the publish website there image size is very huge.

How I can fixed this too?

Set the image wrapper max height not height and do it in VH or SVH.

Let me know if it works

@Balash_Mirzeyev i saw now that you used height for the actual image, it is wrong

Do it like in the image below

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oh thank you so much, I need this question.
How I can do it slider link and and Slide Nav link is not working.
Can you help me please?

I watch tutorial , but not fixed