How to mask a video to text?

I’m curious how to mask a video underneath text? I’ve looked at and tried to use Tony Sheets method. But with that method I CANNOT change the white background color without it bleeding through and becoming partly transparent. Is there a way to change the background color from white to a different color behind the text without showing the video.

Any help is greatly appreciated Please :slight_smile:

Thanks, Austin

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HI @Austin_Skillings there are several techniques how to but some aren’t possible to in WF due WF limitations. Anyway here is video with 2 ways one using text and second using SVG. But feel free to find another techniques on internet .


Hope this will help solve your request

@Stan Thanks so much for the response. I was curious if there was a way to change that white background to a different color with that text option that you gave? The problem I’m running into is the text background not being able to turn to any color except white.

Hi @Austin_Skillings here are some links that may help you to understand how CSS color blend and mask works that will give you answers to your questions but feel free to find other any from many sources on internet. :wink: