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How to make 'text showing up as texttyping'

hello I want to show text as a texttyping effect with webflow… is this possible, anybody already tried?
look to this website to see what I want to make:


Yes, it is possible, you have to use custom code:

<script src=""></script>

	var typed = new Typed('#typed-text', {
    strings: ['I am a Certified Scrum Product Owner'],
    typeSpeed: 75,
    backSpeed: 25,
    loop: true,
    cursorChar: '_',
    backDelay: 1000,
    startDelay: 1000
  	var typed2 = new Typed('#typed-2', {
    strings: ['', 'content', 'assets', 'time'],
    typeSpeed: 75,
    backSpeed: 50,
    loop: true,
    backDelay: 1000,
    startDelay: 500

Put the code Before </body> tag

Body #typed-text is the div in design dashboard where you can make the text settings, font, size, color etc.


Or you can use this project as a reference:

I hope it will help :slight_smile:

Thanks I tried, but how to do more rows of text… ?


Between the text a wait, and the text may not disappear.
I found code:

Thanks to help me to make 3 text-divs after each other on a different place coming up.


my preview

check also the effect here: yours is better… but how is this effect made?