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How to make Drop down fields in forms reveal more fields

Hello everyone!

I am trying to design a simple form where a visitor would select an option from a drop down field in a form and, depending on their selection, more fields would be revealed below.

For example, depending on the client’s age, I want to collect different information so if a client selects 18-25 or 26-30 different fields will show up below depending on the answer. Is this currently possible?

I considered using interactions to have certain drop down field options change hidden divs to visble but it appears you cant assign a class to individual choices. Any help is greatly appreciated!

you might have to add some jQuery to your custom code area for this.

how i would go about this is:

  1. create all your dropdowns in the designer tool.
  2. give each dropdown a different ID or classname
  3. give all the dropdowns a DISPLAY:NONE except for the first dropdown
  4. put a jQuery .change() function for each.
  5. in the function, call out the next dropdown to show


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