How to make an image not dynamically crop from the center

Lets say I want to prioritise the mountain on the left

When I change to mobile view it starts cropping on all sides and the ‘priority’ is on the center of the image.


Is there some way to anchor the left side of the image so when the total view size gets reduced, it starts cropping from the right side only?

Hey @YB4704, is the image added via the image element or as a background image through the styles panel?

@YB4704 If the image is a background image you learn how to set its position for each breakpoint here → Backgrounds | Webflow University

If you are using an image with CSS dimensions and object-fit is set to cover, next to the “Cover” drop down is three dots. Clicking on the dots brings up the position dialog. You can set values at each breakpoint.

If you had shared your read only project I would have shown you. You should be able to take it from here.