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How to make a menu is always visible?

Hello friends. Tell me how you can make, marked by an arrow in the picture menu is constantly hanging? That it is always visible, even though the page scrolling. That section, which is above the menu should go upstairs. At the top there should be only menu. http://tpopt.webflow.com

SET the element (SECTION / DIV) to FIXED.
SET Z-INDEX to be above other elements.
With DIV’s… set WIDTH = “100%” - and you might have to set HEIGHT as well

  • depending on what you have inside the element.

See image

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Thank you very much for the advice. But how to do that when you scroll the page, the menu shifts to the top of the page? While temporarily put the menu in the top right, but I would like to find a solution to the initial question.

Looks like you figured it out ??

See video:

You might have to play/pause/rewind a few times