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How to loop an animation?

I’m trying to create something like a looped slider. The problem is that I use the «Transitions» from styling panel for easing (it’s important). Hence, when I try to return the slider to initial state, despite the 0-duration, it moves with the speed and easing that were set in the styling panel. So there is no “eternal slider” feeling.

I know that it is possible to adjust easing in the interaction panel.
I know that there is the “Slider” component, but I need a self-made slider.

:art: I created two samples so that you can clearly see what stage I am at and what I am trying to achieve.

If anyone has any ideas on how to solve the issue, I would be very grateful.

Roughly speaking, I need the standard webflow slider with the “infinite repeat” option. Just created from scratch. With easing from the styling panel, not the interaction.