How to link to a tab?

I’ve got a button on a home page (right one) that is supposed to lead to “services” page and automatically go to “graphic design” tab.
I have set it’s id to “Graphic-design” and I used /link/#Graphic-design as well as /link#Graphic-design and it doesn’t work
I saw a code for it and was wandering if it can be done without it.
If not, I need some elaborations for that code - Like which page do I insert it in exactly and how do I link that code to a button, etc.
I have managed to do it for Graphic design tab button, but now a button that was supposed to lead me to Web design tab leads me to Graphic design tab as well Could classes have something to do with it?

I see it working properly right now.

Let me know if I missed something.

I made the right button work. But now Left button leads me there too even if I specifically put it to go to the web design tab

For some reason, when your services page (Laleesh | Web design - Services) is loaded, the tab showing is “Graphic Design”. So it won’t matter which link you provide, it’s not working like a section would be.

I found this reply from 2019, requires some code but it should be simple:

So the script goes in body tag of my “services” page?

And what if I want 2 buttons, do I have to copy and fill out the code twice?

And how should I use the URL provided and which words should I replace with a link and which ones with a tab ID?

Sorry, I’m a code virgin…