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How to Link Just an Image?

I am just trying to insert a Link into an Image.

I have tried using the “Link Block” but have found it completely unpleasant to deal with. I have been unable to link just the image on the page.

Further, I tried to create a link block to an inpage link and now everytime I reload the page it automatically jumps to where the link block image was supposed to go, an even though I removed the link block and the image, now the page immediately goes to the place on the page the link block was supposed to go to.

I just want to be able to create a link to an Image.

Do I have to download the code and then insert a <a href=> Line??

Please someone tell me there is an easy way to insert a link into an image??

It’s the only and proper way to. As in HTML. It wraps the image into link tags. It’s as easy as putting an image in a box.

It’s normal, you reload the page and the url contains the #ID so it jumps there. Remove the #ID fromthe URL.

It’s actually one of the most useful. A simple wrapper providing a link on things. There is no other or simpler way. Webflow chose to stick with HTML structure. If it was as magic as putting a link on everything, it would be impossible to debug sites for users, I won’t be here helping people actually. Check how softwares who do that work: Macaw, Adobe Reflow… spoiler: they’re so buggy that you can’t use them.

Don’t be pissed at that link block thing. It shouldn’t bothr you that much. I see you’re angry at it, it’s really only a box. I wish I could help more and show you how cool this element is.

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Thanks for the help, deleting the # in the url worked, and

I am going to keep messing with it, but so far the “Link Block” has not been easy to use, I am used to just inserting a link into an image.

Now that Im onto the next “Section” whenever I try to create a link block it automatically opens in the top section??

I want the “Link Box” in a different section but it keeps opening in one section, no matter where I drop it??

Not easy to use at all, its super frustrating wasting all this time on something that should be simple.

I am not sure I’m following. Can you post your read only share link so we can see what you are doing?

I am Just practicing right now,…

The issue is:

Say I have 12 Images lined up in a section and I decide I want to drop a link in one image,

I drag Link Block over onto the image and it seems like the Link Block re-adjusts the image and I have to reset the padding and margins for the Link Block because it has affected the placement of the image.

Are there any tricks to working with Link Block or What??

I would certainly like a way to just insert a link into an image, like just being able to add the href and target to just the image,…

Just to clarify. Text Link works as following: <a href="#">Text Link</a> which allows you to put text only. Link Block works like this: <a href="#"></a> and allows you to put ANYTHING inside.

I gottcha,
Why does it affect the placement of my images when I try to give them a link block they will move and have a whole new set of parameters,…

Its like I have to customize the linkblock to fit the image placement, if that makes any sense,… Maybe Im doing something wrong?,…

Hi @Josha, you should customize the style of the link block to fit your layout, then drop your image in. Try to use the same dimension images if possible. ​I hope this helps. :slight_smile: Dave

I have an image with a class .awesome-img that I want to be linkable. I drop a linkblock and put that image inside the linkblock. Now i remove class .awesome-img from image and give it to the link block. Works like a charm :)


This Helped a Lot,

basically you give the link block the class attributes of the Image you are trying to link (that is already set in a position, or you can modify the images postion after you give them the same class as well), along with dropping the link block and the image in the proper location it works.


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