How to link back a page feature to an icon?

Along with re-building my club’s website, I am also building a simple touchscreen facility (that I have previously done with Muse). It’s a very simple layout as you will see (KISS…:slight_smile: The link is:… My problem is that I am after some coding to be able to attach to a BACK ARROW taking the user back one page. I have the HOME PAGE icon worked out, but am having trouble with the back one page feature. The current code (in my Muse site) is: and actually works fine if placed in a link block, but I need something to attach to the back icon. Hope this all makes sense and would appreciate any guidance from this learned group.

Hi @Eddie_Youngblood

If I’m understanding you right I think you’re looking to implement a button that takes the users back to the previous page they were on, like your browser would do?

Try this bit of code in a Webflow Embed…
a href=“javascript:history.back(1);” class=“back-button”>Go Back</a
(Add a < to the beginning and > to end of above code snippet)

If you create a separate div block and give it the class of ‘back-button’ any styling you do will replicate to this custom embed. You can add your back arrow into this div as a background image and can remove the ‘Go Back’ text from the button embed code so it’s not shown. Just remember you custom code only works in the published site and not in the design preview.

Hopefully this is what you were looking for, let me know if any questions.

Thanks Marsh. Perfect!

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