How to layer illustration in hero banner image/text

First time poster. Trying to start a new business, and dedicated to figuring out Webflow to scale with it. Not a designer however I know my way around Affinity Designer, Illustrator, etc.

I can’t for the life of me figure how I would go about including the “illustration” that would be right next to the H1 header text on my landing page. I obviously want it to be responsive for different screens but unsure of the proper element structure.

Could anyone assist on proper structure?

Section > Container > Div > Image > position/align with padding/margin???

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  1. Create Your Illustration:
    Use Affinity Designer or Illustrator to create your desired illustration. Make sure to export it in an appropriate format (e.g., PNG, SVG).

  2. Set Up Your Webflow Project:
    Open your Webflow project and navigate to the page where you want to include the illustration and H1 header.

  3. Add a Section:
    Start by adding a new section to your page. This will be the container for your illustration and H1 header.

  4. Add a Div Block for Content:
    Inside the section, add a Div Block. This will act as a container for both the illustration and the H1 header.

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