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How to integrate Stripe Checkout


I am currently trying to integrate Stripe Checkout into my Webflow site. I was able to embed a Checkout button onto my website following this tutorial, however I have no idea how I can do the rest of the integration. It looks like I need to setup a script on the server to handle the payment charge.

The tutorial in Stripe webpage is too technical and difficult for me to understand so I am in desperate need of help.

Please kindly help me solve this problem.


The test embedded page is “store”. You can go there by clicking the pink button in the Hero section image.


Hi @mio can you please publish your site to the domain so that the community can see the live page? Please note that custom code does not render within the Webflow Designer view to prevent errors from occurring. Thanks in advance!

Sorry about that. I have published my site to domain.

Hi @Waldo

I was wondering if there have been any progress?

Hi @mio it looks like you have your payment button here:

And your Stripe store is still in Test mode.

Hi @Waldo

My question was about the setup after embedding this button.
Please kindly go back to my first post.

Thank you.