How to Integrate Recent Sales Notification Popup on e-commerce store

I’d love to get information on learning how to add a little pop notification on the left side of my e-commerce website that show’s potential customers a product that someone recently purchased, and it would have that specific product image, price, and name. For instance it would say “Someone just purchased name t-shirt $30.” You get the idea.

Bro did you manage to create that notification?

Add social proof notification to your Webflow site. Check this webflow & integration.

It just not only pulls sales data from webflow but also pulls the sign-up, reviews & recent booking data from multiple software & converts it into social proof & FOMO notifications automatically.

Hey @Adren_Singer :wave:

If you want a (currently) FREE option for this, check out our new Monto app Social Proof!

  • If integrates natively in Webflow so its super quick and easy to setup. No hacky workarounds
  • Displays popups in the bottom corner of your site for recent orders and Monto reviews!
  • You can also display aggregate order popups like “145 people purchased a product in the last 30 days”, etc.

Let us know if you have any questions!
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