How to improve web developer skills

Hello Everyone, I recently joined a new company and I am working there as a web developer. I want to know how can I improve my web development skills? I have practicing coding and learn from experienced developers as well. Any suggestions?

Build as many side projects as you can without Webflow. Once you get skills you need you can apply these skills in Webflow.

Can you give me some examples for the project? I have checked the skills on google with the help of this post and also tell me how can i apply these skills with webflow?

HI @shivam this is a strange question. Just look on internet as is full of great free tutorials about web development or pay for courses on “Udemy”, “Zero to Mastery” or other platforms. Once you will know how to and learn to thing as developer you will understand what I meant with applying your skills in WF.

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Shivam, you kind of answered your own question with that post link, Stan also given you great tip on Udemy which I use.
The other recommendation I have for you and others readying is to build a play site.
You get familiar with how webflow developer editor works then go back and do it right.
For me I am on like version 5.

One good way to show how bad your site is and where it needs improving is to run pagespeed insights.

If your page scores are 100 for desktop and 90+ for mobile, you are doing great.

Like everything else practice, once mastered look at parts you are not so good at.

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If you’re a web developer and you’re reading this, it’s because it’s the kind of skill that people who do what you do tend to be good at. But, like any other skill that you learn and start using on a regular basis, your skills will improve whether or not you practice everyday.
Finally, Practice here some Good Interview Questions on Web Development.