How to hide inputs in form submission

I have a general question about form submission that I was not able to find any info about it.

I have a form in my website for clients to send their details, and Webflow email me their form submissions, until then, great. But I have a few info in that form that is irrelevant for me to receive in the email, and I wasn’t able to find a solution to hide those inputs in the response.


For example, from the image above of the email with the form submission, I would like to hide the field “cf-turnstile-response” and “Checkbox” from the email, can I do that?


Not using Webflow’s form notification emails.
You could build your own however using automation like and a transactional email provider like MailJet.

So I have ZERO control over the form inputs sent to me by email and can’t even hide a few? :cold_sweat:

None that I’ve ever seen. You might contact support and see if they have some kind of custom attribute to suppress form fields that you do not want to appear in the email, but I’m fairly certain that does not exist.

Webflow’s form submit capture has no configuration options. It stores the form submit data and, optionally it email all of it too.